6 Tree Removal Frequently Asked Questions

tree removal

As essential it is to upkeep the interior of the home, so is the exterior. A major part of the contribution to the exterior comes from the trees you have planted in your exterior. These trees thrive over the years, and after a point, they start damaging your property. This is when Tree removal in Yarra Valley becomes inevitable. When we talk about tree removal, the first and only thing that comes to your mind is tree cutting. However, this is not all it is. 

To make you more aware of Tree removal Frankston, here are frequently asked questions that help you to understand more about tree removal.

  • Do I Need A Permit For Tree Removal?

You may or may not need that permit as per the local government guidelines regarding the same. Some areas do require a permit for removing trees, while in others, you would require a permit depending on the size, location of the tree, an invasive species, if the tree poses a hazard if it is a street tree, etc.

  • Why Are Some Tree Removals Harder?

It depends on a variety of factors like the strength of the wood, the complexity of the tree spot, surrounding complexity, tricky removal, confined spaces and more. This will not be a problem if you find a tree removal company that is experienced as they could have the right tree removal solution no matter the complexity.

  • Should The Trees Be Removed If Too Close To The House?

A well-grown tree is good as it provides enough shade and shelter along with the visual appeal. But not all the trees may be safe as some can pose a serious threat. The growing branches can damage the roof. The foliage which rots is a threat too. The roots of a large tree can affect the foundation of your house. If the tree in close proximity to the house is affected in these varied ways, then it needs to be removed before the damage elevates.

  • What Considerations To Keep In Mind When Looking For A Tree Removal Company?

Factors like quality, reliability, experience, reviews, licence, quotes, the credibility of an arborist, range of service coverage and much more are required to take into consideration when looking for a tree removal company. These factors may vary as per your requirements and priorities.

  • What is an Arborist?

An Arborist – less commonly known as an arboriculturist is an expert who has in-depth knowledge of the health and safety of the various tree and plant parts. They help you with tree care, pesticides, tree safety and related matters. A Certified Arborist is a cherry on the top as they have passed the lengthy exam to become one.

  • When To Consider Tree Removal?

When the tree is dead or dying, hazardous, crowding, causing harm to other trees, causing harm to the roof, unmanageable foliage, has root problems, availability of a more suitable specimen, new construction and more.

Only and the right solution to getting the right Tree removal Frankston is finding the right company for it. They would not only provide you with the right advice but also handle the process with utmost precision.

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