A Complete Guide to Choose the Right Pet-friendly Paint

Ideally, every homeowner should spend into home painting every year or a maximum couple of years. I don’t think, there is a need to tell the importance of painting as we all know that it simply elevates the home aesthetically. If you too want to renovate your home or make it look like newly constructed, it’s suggested to find out skilled painter in Williamstown that looks closely into your requirements.

But wait, before you rely upon Painter Spotswood it’s necessary to consider your pets. Many times, your floor gets into a bizarre condition just because of pets and heavy room traffic.

If you have a single pet or more than one pet, it’s worthy to read out this guide and choose the right paint that never gets dull after your pet pawn on it.

It is important that you select a safe painting product for your home as well as your pet living area in the home. Here, we are sharing an important guideline for choosing the right pet-friendly paint.

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  • Never miss checking the label

Whenever you find to include painting options, it is so much important to look at the label and choose any non-toxic product. However, it would be better to select paints with a formulation comprising of natural ingredients such as plant dyes, water, oil etc. However, the pigments are not enough powerful to make the shades look bright. It is suggested that you should choose a paint formula with no VOCs which is Volatile Organic Compounds and choose toxic-free tints that are essential for the pets.   


  • Choose a water-based paint

When you choose traditional paints, it is definitely harmful to pets because of the mix of toxic chemicals, including solvents, VOCs and heavy metals. If you want to remain safe and make your investment worthy, select a pet-safe paint that contains almost no toxic. Not all the labelled paint product is branded and recommended. You need to check the ingredients to ensure which ones are the safest.

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  • Select a stain-proof paint colour

Make sure to choose colours in the right manner. Always keep in mind that colours like green, bright red and blue display smudges. If you select a dark colour, always remember to go for a natural shade like charcoal, brown or olive. Consider choosing the colour that is off-white or creamy. Through this way, even when stains get prominent and you may go through the same with a softer finish.   


  • Ensure enough lustre

The paint finish is also part of the paint that you can choose for the pet room. You can have lots of options and you can get overwhelmed when it comes to making a choice. Before you make a choice, make sure to look into the label of paint and ensure that a semi-gloss finish.


End up,

For more information, you should take a suggestion from experienced Local Painter Port Melbourne. Share something or your experience in the below comment box. See you in the next blog.   

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