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A Quick Way to Solve the Leaking Shower Floor Problem

Shower Base Melbourne

The shower base is just your shower floor. One day you will see mould or mildew on your drywall in your bedroom. On the other side shower floor liner ultimately allows water and moisture to drain down and soak into the wooden structure, then it’s time to hire skilled experts Shower Base Melbourne.

So, if you: Think that there is a leaking shower floor, but don’t know how to identify where it is coming from.

Most Common Causes of Shower Floor Leaks, such can include:

General wear & tear: Although the shower floor is designed to last longer, their function can make them sensitive to everyday wear and tear from people entering and exiting the shower.  Also, have crack and leak. These cracks can cut water from the sides or create a space between the shower pan and the drain.

Cracks or weakness: With all the water coming and going, on the sides of the base, whether it can be a shower base is cracked or even a grout in the shower floor area is weakened. This can cause water to drip from your home.

Deflection & poor drainage: Deflection is another major warning that your shower floor is leaking. If you see an opening or curve in the base of your shower or in the tile around your bathroom. Also, water can accumulate from the weak water drainage to the surrounding floor between the drain and the shower floor.

Shower Base Melbourne

How to Check a Shower Floor for Leaks

If you see a little water on the floor but you’re not sure if your shower floor is leaking, you can test the integrity of your shower floor on your one-day vacation. These tests can take 7-8 hours, so make sure you have some time on your hands. All you need to do is measure some duct tape and bucket. To get started, make sure your shower floor is completely dry. Then cover your shower floor drain with thick pieces of duct tape, so that the drain is tightened. Next, fill the bucket with water and pour a little into the shower floor until the water is about 1 inch high. Mark the tub or shower pan to note the water level. In the next hour, if you see the water level dropping or stains you may lead leakage to your shower floor.

Contacting a Professional

Fixing your shower floor is not exactly a DIY home improvement project. Therefore, it is always recommended that you hire a skilled expert team of Leaky Shower BaseWhere a professional specialist will repair the shower floor without the need to replace it unless the situation is large enough to change. They can find the source of water stains and solve the problem with advanced methods and materials.

A Final Word,

Water damage can happen to any of us and often at the worst moment. Don’t risk further damage to your home. Call the professionals team shower floor leaking who can solve your leaking shower floor problems, get in touch with them now!

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