All on 4 dental implants – Most Effective Solution to Replace Missing Teeth

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, you have a number of ways to get your teeth done. What treatment would be perfect for you depends on your dental condition and needs.

Whether you have one or multiple missing teeth, it affects your speech, makes you unable to eat properly, and also brings an impact on your self-confidence.

One of the best solutions to replace missing teeth is dental implants, which is really a great thing to the real teeth. In this cosmetic dentistry procedure, several implants are placed surgically into your jaw to replace your all missing teeth. But do you know that this can take much time, from weeks to months?

Now, can you wait this long to get your beautiful smile back?

Obviously, not all of us have that patience. Here, you have an even better solution than traditional dental implants.

Using All-on-4 dental implants, you can restore your smile without any need for several surgeries.

How All on 4 dental implants help you?

Whether you are looking for an effective solution to get the best smile or want to replace your dentures, All on 4 implants would be a perfect solution for you. It allows patients to replace their full jaw of teeth in just one procedure. No bone grafts are required as long as a certain amount of bone is used with the implant.

Here, only four dental implants are placed in either upper or lower teeth for support. Each implant is placed to support a bridge of teeth that securely hold the fixed full-arch prosthesis.

What is the All-on-4 procedure like?

All-on-4 procedure is similar to the ways traditional dental implants are done. There are similarities in the preliminary stages, but the procedure itself is somewhat different. The patient can expect these implants to last for 20-25 years and may also be expected to last the period of the patient’s life.

Initial consultation

In the first meeting with your cosmetic dentist, you can clear your all doubt by asking anything that you have in your mind regarding this treatment. The dentist will explain to you the treatment plan and will also perform X-rays to make sure the right placement of the implants.

Preliminary procedures

The procedure depends on what you actually want to do for your teeth. Here, the preliminary procedure involves the most popular steps, i.e. tooth extractions and periodontal treatment. If you have any kind of gum disease, it is treated first before moving further with dental implantation procedure.

The dentist checks whether your teeth condition requires scaling and root planing or needs to remove the contaminated teeth. Then, a dental impression is taken to make sure that your denture gets ready as soon as four titanium rods are implanted.

Surgical procedure

This implantation procedure causes a lot of pain, so local anesthesia is given to perform this treatment without any trouble. In the surgery, two dental implants are fixed at the front teeth, while another two implants are mounted in the back at the angle of 45 degrees. This is quite enough to provide great support to fix a full arch. The bone grafting procedure is only required based on the patient’s teeth condition.

Fixing of Prosthesis

The condition of your mouth decides whether the denture can be fitted on the same day or not. If the dentist will ask you for another visit to fit the prosthesis, you will be at home with the implants only and in some cases, a temporary denture can be used until you get a permanent denture. Sometimes, it may take 3-5 months for the final prosthesis, once the healing completes.

Common problems associated with All on 4 implants

Like with all other dental procedures, All on 4 also comes with certain risks. After going through this dental treatment, if you face any of the given problems, you must contact your dentist immediately, before the situation becomes worse.


There are chances that you may not feel good or having strong teeth when biting any food. As a result of prosthesis covering the gums, many patients find it difficult to chew or find your implants breaking.


Some patients have a habit of bruxism, which means they are prone to grinding their teeth, but many of them are unaware of this habit. This can raise a problem if your only one arch is implanted. Bruxism may result in the damage to the opposing teeth. Moreover, jaw clenching usually happens when you are asleep, being unaware of this situation.

Speech problems

Not all patients are strong enough to adapt to a bulky prosthesis. You may feel uncomfortable during the first few weeks and get used to it slowly. But, for some patients, it can be really annoying to hold the prosthesis in their mouth and get difficulty while speaking.


When your gums are covered with prosthesis, obviously, you may get difficulty in removing bacteria and food remains stuck under the prosthesis. If it is placed correctly, this may not happen. So, in addition to consulting your dentist for this issue, you must brush and clean your mouth daily.

Implant failure

There are chances of implant failure, very rarely, just around 5-6% of all cases. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to do proper aftercare and follow all hygiene rules.

Final Words

If you are looking for long-lasting treatment and want to get rid of multiple dental procedures to get your dream smile, going with All on 4 implants instead of traditional dental implants procedure is really worth it.

So, get this dental treatment to save time and money, moreover, can also be healed in less time. Simply get what you deserve to smile about.

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