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Bikini competitions are extremely expensive and while you are competing it is likely that you turn a blind eye on the money part of the competition. To be honest, you don’t need to buy everything your coach recommends. This list of costs is intended to help you decide how you can make bikini competition a lot less expensive.

Bikini Competitions

Starting Out

      1) Coaching: $150-250/month

  • This much will get you a diet and training plan and regular adjustments based on your progress.
  • It is recommended that you should start off with a coach to know how your body and metabolism work.

       2) Posing: $60-75/week

  • On searching harder you will find some coaches that offer sessions with no extra cost to you.
  • You can also choose to practice on your own, you can record, review and revise. You can also take the very popular 12 weeks plan, which is very helpful as the coach will give you a walkthrough on what to expect on the show day and how you can adjust to various factors.

       3) Supplements: $50-$200/month

  • Consider going through various sites that offer you unbiased and well-researched literature based on clinical trials. This will help you summarize your findings and make a more informed choice.
  • Also, look out if your coach can’t give you a good reason to use a supplement. This can be because of very little research and a lack of personal evidence and testimony.

       4) Food: $50/week

  • You can always use substitutions. In between the non-vegetarian diet, the protein quality is the same. Protein type will make no difference to the metabolism.

Picking a Competition

      1) Location

  • Picking a location closer to home can help you save money. That way you will be able to stay at home not a hotel and cut down the expense to a minimum.

2) Lodging ($50-200 a night)

  • If you do need to travel and don’t have to stay at the hotel, you can choose AirBnB or a cheaper hotel in the area.

Show Time

      1) Competition Bikini: $150-600

  • A good plain bikini with a flattering cut can be bought as low as $150. Also, you can DIY the rhinestone to enhance its beauty.
  • A fully bespoke bikini is also good, this means a tailor-made bikini bottom to compliment your body. Competition bikinis in Australia are easily available at good prices and quality.

       2) Shoes and jewelry: $75-100

  • There are many hidden outlets where you can find clear competition heels at mark up prices.
  • Jewelry too doesn’t have to be expensive but something that compliments your overall look. Also, sometimes less is more so despite spending more on multiple jewelry types, find something exceptional that suits you.

      3) Stage Tan: $100-150

  • A good quality tan spray will give you a more defined and leaner look than any local salon. It simply is the right thing to do to get an advantage.

      4) Hair and Makeup: $75-150 each

  • You don’t need a professional to do your hair and make-up, you will get by just fine if you know how to do your hairs and a little dramatic makeup.
  • Match your makeup with the tan, depending on your complexion contour with complimentary shades.

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