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Dangers Of Cutting Tree Roots You Should Be Aware Of

Tree Removal

Cutting tree roots can be a scary task, but it’s important to understand how it works and what you might be doing wrong. Tree roots are like a tree’s circulatory system: they transport water and nutrients up through the trunk and leaves, then carry them back down so that the tree can grow. Cutting into these systems can cause serious damage to your trees’ health, especially if done incorrectly or too aggressively. To ensure that your trees remain healthy for years to come, follow these guidelines:

Cutting too many roots can expose a tree to diseases

Cutting too many roots can expose a tree to diseases. When humans cut the roots of trees, they create an environment where disease-causing organisms like fungus and bacteria can thrive. The more you cut away the root system, the more likely your tree will become sick or die.

Too much pruning can lead to imbalanced growth and an unstable structure

Cutting tree roots is a delicate process that requires proper technique and attention to detail. If you prune too much, it can damage the tree’s structure, leading to imbalanced growth and an unstable structure.

Incorrectly pruned trees will be more prone to disease, insects and other pests that can negatively impact your landscape. As always, if you have any questions about how best to maintain your landscape or keep it healthy for years of enjoyment, please contact Tree Arborist Adelaide to get the tree removal done safely.

Tree Removal

Damaging the wrong tree root can break apart sidewalks, patios, and driveways

The complete effects of root pruning are not always immediately apparent, but they can be devastating. Damaging the wrong tree root could break apart sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Tree roots can grow well beyond their canopy and may even grow under foundations or your basement. The roots of many trees spread out for several feet in all directions. As a result of this extensive growth pattern, a tree’s roots can become entangled with underground utilities such as plumbing pipes or electrical cables that are near the surface of your soil. This could lead to costly repairs if you cut into these lines without doing proper research first! 

Pruned roots might grow back even stronger than before

The truth is, pruned roots can grow back even stronger than before. When a tree is damaged from an accident or other event, its root system goes into overdrive to repair itself. This means that if the roots are pruned, they’ll grow back thicker and faster. Sometimes this happens so quickly it’s hard for us humans to keep up!


It is important to remember that pruning roots should be done with a careful eye and understanding of how they will grow back. Pruning too many roots at once can lead to imbalanced growth and an unstable structure. Damaging the wrong tree root can break apart sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Hire experienced Arborist Adelaide to prune the roots properly and avoid accidents.

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