Different Grades And Features Of Timber Flooring

Timber Flooring Adelaide

Timber flooring is a popular choice for interior design and has been around for many years. This type of Timber Flooring Service in Adelaide comes in a variety of grades depending on the species used and its thickness. There are also different finishes which can be chosen, such as natural finish or colour stained which can add an extra layer of character to your home.

Different Grades Of Timber Flooring

There are different grades of timber flooring. Some are better than others, but it all depends on your budget and the type of timber you want.

  • Premium grade: This is the best quality timber flooring available, but it’s also the most expensive.
  • Standard grade: The standard quality will be more affordable than premium grade and will still look good in your home or business.
  • Economy grade: If you’re looking for something cheaper than the economy, then check out our budget-friendly prices below! There’s a range of options available that won’t break the bank!

Why choose timber flooring?

Timber is a great choice of flooring for any home. It looks beautiful, adds character to your rooms and is a great investment that will last you many years.

Timber floors are easy to clean and maintain, making them the ideal choice for allergy sufferers too. And if you’re worried about the price, don’t be! Timber floors aren’t as expensive as you might think – we can help you find timber flooring at a budget-friendly price.

If you’re looking for a new timber floor, we have many styles and colours to choose from. You can find everything from natural hardwood floors to engineered parquet and laminate boards – all available at affordable prices.

Timber Flooring Adelaide

Natural Finish Vs. Colour Stained

When it comes to timber flooring, there are a number of different finishes available on the market. The two most common are natural finish and colour-stained timber flooring.

What is the difference between a natural finish and colour-stained timber flooring?

Natural timber floors have been left unfinished so that they may be treated with waxes or oils to create a deeper sheen than that which would occur naturally when a light-coloured wood is exposed to light over time.

Colour-stained floors, on the other hand, feature an opaque stain which obscures some of the natural grain patterns in each piece of wood used to construct them (though not all).

What this means is that you can choose from an assortment of tones ranging from light and neutral hues up through warm reds and browns, greenish-blues, greyish-silver greys etcetera depending on what suits your taste best!

Solid hardwood floors are extremely durable and can last for decades if properly maintained. They can be stained any colour you like and often feature a variety of natural grain patterns which add character to your home.


Timber Flooring Adelaide is a great choice for many homeowners, and it has many benefits. It’s durable, attractive and easy to clean. It also works well with any type of home decor.

The most important thing to remember when choosing which kind of timber flooring is right for you is that there are several different grades available on the market today so make sure you choose wisely!

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