Different Types Of Wheelchair Ramps And Which One Is Right For You


When you need to access a building that has stairs, you can use a wheelchair ramp. Wheelchair ramps are also useful for getting into your car and for people who use wheelchairs or scooters. There are several different types of wheelchair ramps and each one has its own unique features that make it ideal for certain situations. Here is an overview of some common wheelchair ramp styles:

Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps are a great way to help people with disabilities get around. These ramps come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose one that fits your needs.

There are three main types of wheelchairs: folding, rigid and transportable. Each type requires a different size of ramp based on its weight capacity and length. You should also consider how long you want your ramp to be, since this affects its cost as well as where you can store it at home or work when not in use (for example, if there isn’t enough room for both the wheelchair itself plus its accompanying accessory).

wheelchair ramp

Aluminum Ramps

Aluminum ramps are lightweight, easy to install and affordable. They are also weather resistant and corrosion resistant. Aluminum ramps can be used in a variety of settings, including homes, hospitals and schools.

The main benefit of aluminum is that it’s strong enough to support heavy wheelchairs while still being light enough to carry around easily if necessary. This makes them ideal for people who travel frequently or have limited space where they live or work.”

Wood Wheelchair Ramps

Wood wheelchair ramps are the most affordable option and can be built to fit any size or shape of doorway. However, they require more installation time and maintenance than other types of ramp.

Wood ramps are often made from pressure-treated wood because it’s durable and resistant to rot or insect damage. Because this type of wood is treated with chemicals that make it last longer, you’ll need to take extra precautions when using it in your home or business:

  • Wear gloves during installation–the chemicals used in pressure treatment may irritate your skin if you’re not careful!
  • Never burn any part of your wood ramp (even if it’s been treated)! This can release toxic fumes into your home or business space that could make people sick or even kill them!

Steel Wheelchair Ramps

Steel wheelchair ramps are a popular choice for many people because they are strong and durable, easy to assemble and customize. Steel ramps come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that works best for your situation.

If you need a heavy-duty ramp for an industrial application or other heavy use, steel may be the best choice for you.


Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the different types of wheelchair ramps and which one is right for your needs. If you’re looking for something that’s sturdy and long-lasting, then a steel ramp may be the best option for you. On the other hand, if cost is a factor then consider aluminum or wood options which are cheaper but still effective at getting people in wheelchairs up stairs safely and easily.

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