Don’t Throw These 5 Things in a Curbside Trash Residential

Curbside Trash residential East Wareham, MA

The rubbish disposal is helpful to keep the area clean and recycle things. But, do you know that there are some toxic household things which you should never dispose of your rubbish bin.

Even if you have hired the best knowing curbside trash residential East Wareham, MA. about those toxic things will help you to keep the mama earth safe.

  1. Electronics

Some people think that electronics are recyclable, which is true! But not all of them!

Electronics such as old DVD Players, CDs players, VCRs, and TVs, alarm clock, mobile phone, video camera, PC, iPods, video game console, printers, etc. contain metals like lead and cadmium, which is highly dangerous to the environment and us as well. All these electronics waste are responsible for 70% of the metallic waste on the landfills.

So, how to dispose of your electronic devices?

 Well, by donating them for reuse or dropping off on the recycle centre, you are doing a noble cause of making this earth green. Many manufacturing companies are recycling electronics and preventing excessive waste.

curbside trash residential East Wareham

  1. Motor Oil

In many countries, pouring motor oil in the drain or on the ground is illegal. That’s because when you pour the motor oil down the drain, you possibly be diminishing the efficiency of the wastewater treatment process. Besides, it can be harmful to aquatic life as well.

Did you know “1 gallon of motor oil can contaminate 1 million gallons of water?”

The best way to dispose of motor oil is to put it inside a plastic bottle, tighten the lid, and take it to the car service station, recycling center, or automotive store.

  1. Light Bulbs

CFLs – Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb – are a bit better for the environment. But it contains mercury (5 milligrams), which gets released when the bulb is broken.  So you must take the CFL bulb to HHW facility.

  1. Batteries

Various types of batteries are disposed of in diverse ways. Alkaline and Zinc carbon batteries are to be dropped off at your nearby HHW facility. Watch batteries are recyclable at many watches and jeweler stores. Besides, another type of batteries you need to take to the HHW store such as a zinc-air battery.

Automotive lead-acid batteries contain toxic and corrosive chemicals that are harmful to the environment and shouldn’t be disposed inside your curbside trash residential East Bridgewater, MA. You can contact the trash experts for the accurate disposal of the batteries so that it doesn’t harm any human or animal.

  1. Thermometer (Mercury)

Remember those old school glass thermometers that used to have mercury inside it? Those shouldn’t be disposed of in the recycle bin.

A normal glass thermometer contains 500 grams of mercury, enough to be a health hazard. Mercury is dangerous for pregnant women and kids as it’s a neurotic, which can affect the nervous system easily. However, people are using modern digital thermometers, but if you have one of this kind, don’t just dispose of it in your rubbish bin.

These were all the hazardous things you should avoid disposing to curbside trash residential East Bridgewater, MA Keep it on your checklist while disposing of your household rubbish.

The earth is all we have in common.

So let’s maintain it with the right disposal and recycling!

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