Everything You Need to Know About Creating Custom Name Badges

Custom Name Badges

If you’re in the business of putting your brand and logo out there, whether it’s for a conference or just for everyday wear, name badges are a great way to get the word out. From the right materials to great printing options and even Custom Name Badges design services, this list has all you need to know about creating customized badge holders.

Why are name badges important?

When you’re at a conference, you’re probably trying to absorb as much information as possible. With so many people around, it’s important to keep track of who is who and where they are. Without name badges, it’s hard for people to find their way around.

Name badges also help people remember each other’s names—and there is nothing more annoying than having someone call your name repeatedly when it isn’t yours!

Lastly, name badges can help identify who you’re talking with throughout the day so that everyone feels included in conversations (instead of feeling like an outsider).

How can I incorporate a logo on a custom name badge?

You can personalize your company’s name badges with a logo printed on the front or back of the badge. You can also choose to have your logo printed in colour or black and white. If you want to make sure that everyone who sees your employee badges will know who they’re looking at, we recommend printing a company logo on both sides of their name badges. This way, if someone sees an employee wearing her badge around town, she’ll be able to easily identify that she works for your business.

Custom Name Badges

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just putting a logo on one side of an employee’s name tag; why not add some customization by including other design elements like text or photos? We recommend using our high-quality printing process so that all of these elements look as sharp as possible!

Should I go with engraved or full color printing for my names badges?

It’s a good idea to think about your budget, as well as the wear and tear badges will go through in their lifespan. If you’re distributing them to customers or employees, it may be worth investing in a more durable option that will last longer than other types—especially if they’ll be used frequently. For example, if you’re handing out name badges at an event where people will be walking around (like a convention) or visiting lots of different booths/booths (like a trade show), it would probably be better for everyone involved if those badges were engraved rather than printed on paper or plastic.

  • Engraved: A timeless, more professional choice that comes with all kinds of customization options and can last years with proper care!
  • Full Color: Cheaper than engraving but still durable enough for everyday wear and tear; customizable features include colour selection and layout options.

What materials are available for custom name badges, and how do they compare?

There are four main types of materials used to create custom name badges: metal, plastic, vinyl and paper. Each material has its pros and cons.

Metal name badges are the most durable option, but they can be expensive. They’re also waterproof, which is great for environments with a lot of moisture (like kitchens). If you’re looking for something that will last in harsh weather conditions, metal is your best bet.

Plastic name badges offer good value because they’re the least expensive option and more durable than paper or vinyl options; however, these types of badges aren’t waterproof like their metal counterparts, so we wouldn’t recommend them if there’s any chance your staff members would need to wear them outdoors during rainy days or other inclement conditions.


It’s time to get your name badges made! Whether you need them for your business or work, we have a solution for you. The best part about ordering custom name badges is that they make it easy for everyone to identify who’s who in the crowd. You can use them at events where there are hundreds of people attending or even just one or two people wearing them around town.


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