Few Things That Everyone Must Ask Their Panel Beaters

Panel beaters Melbourne

If you’ve needed to find a panel beater, then you know what a difficult task it can be. For many reasons, finding a reliable and trustworthy panel beating service that has experience with the type of repair required for your car is important. Not only does it save time on the job and, therefore, money, but it also guarantees that your car will be repaired correctly the first time around. The following questions should be asked before hiring any Panel beaters Melbourne:

Are your parts the real deal?

You should ensure that the parts of your panel beater are genuine. The panels of your car should be made from the same materials as when it was new, so if you have any doubts about whether these are genuine, ask for proof.

The panels should also guarantee that they will last longer than if you had them fitted by another company. You want to ensure that any paint job done on your car is durable enough for all weather conditions and situations (such as being parked outside).

How Do You Choose Your Methods of Repair?

They should be able to explain how they choose their methods of repair and what they consider when making that choice.

What’s the level of experience held by the team?

You should ask the team what their level of experience is, and in particular if they have any specialities that would be of use to you. For example, if you have a classic car that needs repairs services, you may want to ask if there are any members of the team who have experience with such vehicles. Suppose your car was damaged by hail or it was involved in an accident with another vehicle. In that case, it’s likely that your panel beater will be able to help — but again, they must specialise in this type of work to ensure your car will get back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.


Do you offer a lifetime guarantee?

A lifetime guarantee is an agreement between you and the panel beater that your car will be fixed for free if it becomes damaged again within the life of the vehicle.

A warranty is a promise that you will not be charged for repairs related to a specific type of damage, such as rust or stone chips. The cost of a lifetime guarantee can vary based on where you live and what kind of car you drive. It’s also important to remember that if your vehicle isn’t covered by insurance, it may not be covered under this type of agreement either!


The most important thing to remember is that your car is an investment, and the way you treat it will reflect on how others treat you. That’s why it’s important to find Panel beaters Melbourne who offer good service, quality workmanship, and, above all else, honesty.

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