Getting Smoke Alarm Services Melbourne? Use 5 Useful Maintenance Tips!

smoke alarm service Melbourne

Residential, unit development, factory maintenance, property, office fit-outs, or new homes, they all need a reliable and flawless smoke system. If you belong to any of these categories and about to hire one of the best smoke alarm services Melbourne, using some post-installation maintenance tips & tricks will increase the device’s life as well as performance.

So let’s get started!

Everything you should know about Smoke Alarm

  • The replaced smoke alarm must be of a photoelectric type that obeys AS (Australian Standard) 3786-2014
  • Always replace the existing hardwired smoke alarm only with a hardwired smoke alarm
  • It’s crucial to replace the smoke alarm that is 10-years or older. Look for a manufacturing stamp for the date.
  • In case the smoke alarm fails during testing, it must be replaced ASAP

You can even explore the fire and emergency services fact sheet of your area as well.

A photoelectric smoke alarm is capable of detecting the smoke & aware you – thanks to the interconnected system. When one alarm gets triggered in integrated alarms, all other alarms will automatically go off that ensures you will be alerted no matter where you are in the house. The interconnected alarms can be either wired or wireless.

smoke alarm installation Melbourne

Smoke alarm or smoke detectors must be either has a ten-year non-removable battery (lithium) powered alarm or be hardwired to your house mains supply (that MUST be done only by a licensed Electrician Keysborough or smoke alarm service Melbourne) along with a battery backup.

Ideal Time to Change the Battery

Changing batteries every year is ideal and it’s best to put this on the list of important annual events so that you don’t forget it no matter what. Some people do this at the same time as changing the clocks back for daylight saving. Clearly, you will change the battery immediately when the alarm will emit low battery warning.

Smoke Alarm Testing

Once a month, press down the button to test whether or not the alarm is working after you have been away for a long period. If you want to check a hardwired smoke alarm which is connected to the mains of your property, see if the backup battery is working by isolating the power supply.

How often the Alarm should be changed

We already know that the smoke alarm must obey the AS 3786-2014. It’s important to change the photoelectric smoke alarms every ten years from the manufacturing date (not the date they were installed or purchased) unless there isn’t any other issue in its system.

Regular Cleaning

Don’t forget to clean your smoke alarms every six months. Use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to remove cobweb or dust and other buildups.


A smoke alarm system plays a vital role in your place’s security system. Regardless of the quality of Smoke Alarms Melbourne, they will not work properly if the maintenance isn’t up to the mark.

So, keep your smoke alarm maintained to get the most out of them.

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