How to Decide Children Custody After Divorce?

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The amount of happiness wedding gives, double amount of pain the decision of divorce gives to applicants & their families. The decision impact adversely on their children if they have any. While finding one of the Best Divorce Lawyers in Melbourne, another challenging thing is to decide children’s custody.

As per one of the Best Family Lawyers Melbourne, younger children’s custody should be given to the mother so that they can have a good upbringing.

Though, it doesn’t mean that father can’t be a good source of motivation or upbringing. But if in the opinion of the court mother’s custody-related allegations are pointless, the raised statement gets rejected.

Mostly, the courts prefer to find out a middle solution so that children can get support from mother and father. They should not feel separated after this separation.

Here, we have covered a few questions and answers to the most asked questions regarding divorce.

  1. There are around 11% of fathers will receive individual custody. Only around 3% of court cases would result in Court Orders that signifies absolutely no contact with other child’s parents.
  2. If you are the mother of a child and have applied for divorce, you still can’t deny the father of your child to stay in contact with him or her. You can’t disallow fathers access to their children. There is an equal and shared parental responsibility for you both. If you want to disallow the father of your children to not access or look into them, you should proceed with an order from a local court. Only a legal authority can help you make it possible.
  3. The main consideration that judges would include for their child’s custody is the advantages to the child of establishing meaningful terms with the child’s parents. Also, the need to protect the child from physical harm that could be a result of abuse, family violence, exposure, and any other problems.
  4. In case if anyone wants full custody of a child, they need to rebut the presumption of equal shared parental responsibility and they need to prove to the court that he or she is able to take sole responsibility for the child.
  5. Majorly, mothers get custody of their children because mothers are more likely to spend their time in the process of children’s growth in every term. Also, most of the younger children would also prefer to spend their life with their mother for emotional support and to fulfil daily needs. Though, not all cases are the same. In a few cases, fathers are moral support for their children and then, they prefer fathers as their full-time parents.
  6. If you are battling to prove yourself as a better parent and require children’s custody, you need to keep a file of the records that you can claim as a better parent. Documents such as birth certificates, health records, social security cards, academic transcripts, awards and certifications, and behavioural reports.

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