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How to get rid of lizards in your home? Some DIY tips

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Lizards can be a significant torment on the off chance that they don’t go out even after going for pest control Melbourne. They look genuinely unpleasant and disturbing that individuals are not even ready to endure their sight.

Nothing unexpected that you will get scared seeing a reptile in your kitchen when you enter there to prepare food, or your room when you are going to embark on resting.

In case of lizards by any possibility are blended in with your food, at that point it can get noxious and lethal to wellbeing. This implies no tradeoffs can be made with regards to disposing of lizards at home.

This blog discusses a portion of the powerful characteristic ways which can assist you with disposing of lizards in the base reasonable time.

Regular Ways to Get free of Lizards


The impactful smell of onions can end up being a hotshot turn off for the lizards. Here, you should simply to put bits of onions at the sides of the room or the spots where you notice lizards coming inside the home.

Other than utilizing the pieces, you can likewise make onion squeeze and blend it in with water. This arrangement can be filled in a shower packaged and splashed toward the edges of the home.

The sulphur present in onions will make it harder for the lizards to endure it and enter your home. There will be no option than to surrender that place.

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Peacock Feathers

Since ages, this technique is being utilized to shoo away the lizards from home. Peacock quills end up being frightening for the lizards making them not to enter the house.

The rationale behind this is fowled like peacocks eat bugs like lizards who fear these flying creatures’ essence. At the point when you drape plumes in your room, windows or entryways, it fools the lizards into imagining that there is a peacock and they avoid that place.

Espresso Powder + Tobacco

It is the best opportunity to put your espresso powder at work. Note that the lizards loathe espresso and leave where they discover it. In this way, what you should to take the espresso powder and afterwards blend it in with tobacco to make little balls out of them.

When these balls are made, you can put them at the sides of the room and wherever else from where lizards typically enter your home.

At the point when lizards will eat these balls, they will kick the bucket or run from that place there and afterwards as it were. Nonetheless, additional consideration must be taken on the off chance that you have children at home. Get these balls far from babies.


Much the same as onions, garlic can likewise accomplish a similar work. The definite smell of garlic will fend the lizards off. To use this strategy, you should simply to put the cloves of garlic at the entryway section, windows and the spots from where you think lizards enter. The other choice to utilize garlic cloves is that you can make a garlic juice, blend it in with water and afterwards shower the blend toward the edges of the house.

For more ideas and tricks, contact your experts of Pest Control Geelong.

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