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I know how scary it can be when you buy a car, especially if it’s used. You don’t want to get scammed into buying something that has been damaged or repaired poorly by Panel Beaters Melbourne, but how do you know? Well, there are several signs that will help tell if a used car has been repaired badly.

  • The door gap lines are uneven

If you look at the door gap lines, they should be even across both sides of your car. If one side is higher or lower than the other, it’s likely that your mechanic didn’t do a good job of repairing it.

  • Check the tailgate and the boot.

The first thing to look for is a paint finish. If the car has been repainted by Panel Beaters Melbourne, you’ll want to check that it was done well and still looks good. If there are multiple layers of primer and base coat, then this could be an indication of poor quality workmanship or a lack of attention to detail during repainting.

Next up are panel gaps on the tailgate and boot: these should be measured at 1mm (0.04 inches). If they’re not consistent throughout both surfaces, then there’s probably something wrong with them; if they’re all within 0.5mm (0-0.02 inches), then again, there may be something wrong with them!

Panel Beaters

  • Check the paint finish. 

If you’re not sure if a used car has been repaired correctly, check the paint finish on its bodywork.

First, look at the door and bonnet of your chosen vehicle. You’ll need to use a mirror or zoom in on your phone camera so you can see what’s going on underneath these surfaces. Look for signs of repainting—a shiny new layer will be much more noticeable than one that’s been touched up with body filler or touch-up paint and then applied with a fine brush and roller.

If there are any areas where this has happened (for example, if someone tried to, Smash Repairs Melbourne rust but didn’t use enough enamel), these will show up as patches of thick yellowish-brown colouration that looks kind of like they were painted over using an old-fashioned house painter’s tarpaulin (or perhaps even a roll of cling wrap).

Smash Repairs

  • Check out the car’s appearance on either side of the doors and panel gaps.

Once you’ve got your car, it’s time to look around. Open the door and check out the inside first. Look for dents, scratches and other imperfections on both sides of the door panels.

If there are gaps between them (or if they don’t line up), then that can be an indication that someone had done a poor job at repairing this vehicle before you got your hands on it—or worse yet: they might have made some other repairs without doing anything about these issues!

You should also take a look at where things like windshield wipers meet their cables; if there are gaps here as well, then again, this may indicate poorly repaired workmanship in previous years or even damage caused during shipping which required additional work being done afterwards by repair shops or mechanics who specialize in auto bodywork jobs like yours!


The best thing you can do is have an honest conversation with the owner of the car. Ask them what happened to it, and if they haven’t done a good enough job on Smash Repairs Melbourne. You might be surprised how many people are willing to tell you the truth!

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