Is Invisalign Suitable for Children? An Orthodontist Weighs In

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Getting braces isn’t just for kids anymore – more and more adults are getting Invisalign to fix crooked teeth, gaps, and other problems that aren’t easy to fix with traditional braces Service. This is where Best Orthodontist Melbourne come in picture.

Invisalign is a nearly invisible solution, and the trays can be taken in and out as needed, so you don’t have to change your diet or how you brush your teeth. 

But what about children?  This article we’ve dicuss their benefits are ideal for adults, but are they equally appropriate for children?

Invisalign is a Removable Orthodontic Option

Best Orthodontist Melbourne in on the question of whether or not Invisalign can be used for kids. For some adults, investing in an adult’s version of this device may make sense to help fix their misaligned teeth. 

If this doesn’t seem appropriate, braces are still a common alternative solution for adults who would like to align their teeth correctly. 

For children, this issue becomes a little more complicated. No conclusive evidence shows that Invisalign will produce better results than traditional braces for youngsters with mild to moderate tooth alignment issues. 

Kids are Less Self-Conscious Than Adults

Parents frequently consider Invisalign for their children because they believe their child is self-conscious about wearing braces. 

The truth is that most children are not as concerned about wearing braces as their parents believe. They see so many of their peers wearing braces that it’s not as intimidating as it would be for an adult who will have few, if any, colleagues or friends wearing braces. 

Even children who are concerned about the appearance of braces grow accustomed to them quickly. However, if your child is self-conscious about wearing braces, there are ways to conceal them.

Because it is a nearly invisible alternative to metal braces, Invisalign is ideal for adults who prefer not to wear braces.

Consider Your Child’s Age 

The official age limit on when to start orthodontic treatment is 18, but many orthodontists are comfortable with treating adolescents younger than that. 

The age and maturity level of a child influence whether or not they are a good candidate for Invisalign. 

While in primary school, a child may be ready for orthodontic treatment, but they may not be old enough to handle the responsibility of removable Invisalign clear aligners.


Not Every Issue is Treatable with Invisalign

While children are not required to have orthodontic treatment, they do not always require more than a simple retainer or permanent appliance like braces. Many orthodontists will evaluate a child and decide the best course of action with an exam and x-rays. Factors such as overcrowding of teeth, jaw injuries or problems with tooth alignment can all be taken into consideration before deciding whether treatment is needed or not.

 Other Options to Consider Besides Invisalign

There are many different orthodontic treatment options that are perfect for kids. Some of these options include braces, removable appliances, and traditional brackets and wires. While Invisalign is a great option for adults who want to hide their braces, it may not be the best option for children who need something they can take off in school or when they have an event to attend.


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