Reasons Your Medical Marijuana Tolerance Is Low

You’re a medical marijuana user, and you’ve found that your tolerance for the drug has gone down over time. This is a good thing! However, it can still be frustrating if you are not sure why this is happening.

In this article, we will look at some of the most likely causes of low tolerance in medical marijuana gold coast patients. It’s important to keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of reasons why your tolerance may be lower than it used to be because there are many variables involved in developing any kind of tolerance.

However, these explanations should help you understand what might have happened so that you can make changes if necessary

Genetic mutation

There are a few genetic mutations that can cause your body’s endocannabinoid system to work in an irregular way.

People with these mutations have a tough time regulating their moods, which means they have trouble feeling happiness or pleasure from things like food, sex and even cannabis.

medical marijuana gold coast

This is because the P.S.H. gene triggers receptors within your brain that help regulate our emotions—when they’re not active enough, we feel depressed; when they’re overactive (as happens in people who have this mutation), then we get anxious or angry easily too!

These individuals may experience severe side effects if they smoke marijuana regularly: extreme paranoia, panic attacks and even dissociative episodes where you lose touch with reality altogether.

Concentration strength

You’re not alone. A low tolerance is common among medical marijuana gold coast patients health, as many have spent years using cannabis and have built up a high tolerance to its effects.

Having a low tolerance is often connected to genetics—people with higher concentrations of the cannabis receptors (CB1) may be able to experience more intense effects than those with lower amounts of CB1 receptors in their bodies.

Additionally, smoking or vaporizing less frequently can also result in a lowered tolerance over time; this means that if you’re new to medical marijuana and are trying it for the first time, your initial high may be even greater than expected!

However, don’t be discouraged if you experience only mild effects from your next dose—your body will adjust accordingly within two weeks or so.

You’re smoking less often

You may have noticed that your tolerance is low when you’re smoking less, but it isn’t just because of the frequency. The amount of marijuana in each cigarette (joint) has also changed.

Smoking Less

The potency of cannabis has increased over the years, which means that even if you’re smoking the same amount as before, it can still be more potent than before and therefore affect you differently.


The good news is that you can increase your tolerance by increasing the number of times you consume cannabis products (it could even be a few days or weeks). However, if you want to avoid having low tolerance levels every time again, don’t forget to take a break once in a while!

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