Snowboard Gear Essentials: Guide to Snowboard Gear

snowboarding gear

If you’re thinking about buying a new pair of snowboard gloves, what are the different kinds of gloves you can buy? Are there any you should avoid, and why? How do you know if the styles you have picked up today will still be fashionable tomorrow? An article to guide the newest shoppers from dropping their hard-earned money before they know the tricks on picking out snowboarding gear.

What equipment do you need on a snowboarding trip?

A snowboard bag. This can mean backpacks and boots. A handheld wax scraper. Also known as a “t-bar” or a classic Y-shape shortboard that can take you on any terrain.

Snowboarding Gear: Buying Guide

What makes a great all-mountain snowboard setup? Well, that depends on your intended purpose for the board. The board will either be for cruising, park and groomers, backcountry telemarking or steep snowboarding. In general, you want a freestyle oriented board with medium camber in order to spin easily in powder, build a buttery carve line in packed pow and gain the most leverage on crud traverses.

The Best Board

Snowboarding is an exhilarating adrenaline rush, but it can be rough on the bones. When winter sets in, we travel from the slopes to our homes to house the slope-dependent paraphernalia. As snowboarders champ at the bit of both seasons, let’s rock one little essential that keeps us safe and prepared all year round: a snowboard.


Helmet coverage up to about 60% of the brain

It is not that expensive of investment and has saved lives by preventing trauma head injuries.


Buying new snowboard gear doesn’t happen every day, but chances are you don’t want to go half-asleep during your winter season. Take this time to just kick back and browse through our guide of the most important parts of any snowboarder’s gear list – like undergarments, outerwear, goggles, and socks!

Sleeping Bags

Snowboarders will never settle for anything less than quality when it comes to their gear, and that’s why there are a plethora of brands that keep up with the competition. Look into reputable brands such as Burton or The North Face or look at cheaper companies like Lands’ End. Having said that, don’t be fooled by counterfeit snowboard gear online- go to a physical store instead!


One of the most important snowboarding tools is the boots you choose to wear. If you are new to snowboarding, trying out a few options from brands is a great idea. However, if this is your first time shopping for snowboard gear, consider getting the best-selling boots. You’ll be surprised by their sophisticated and comfortable design.


Snowboard boots are equipped with lace-up bindings, which allow for the boots to be adjusted in four different positions. Some bindings even come with an elastic bootstrap to help you tighten and loosen your foot once you get them in and off, which is important considering they can be quite bulky.

snowboarding gear


Bundle up, Ladies and gents, for the storm that’s on the horizon! No matter what degree of snow blankets the landscape, nothing beats a great set of gear to pack in your backpack. Whether you’re looking to go from Oahu to Big Bear or you head back south after a ski trip, checking out these things are always going to help keep you warm, dry and happy.

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