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The Property Buyers Agent’s Guide to Purchasing Real Estate

gold coast property buyers agent

Purchasing property can be tricky, particularly when you’re dealing with the pressures of finding the right house and negotiating a fair price. That’s why it makes sense to enlist the help of gold coast property buyers agent. Their job is to help you find your dream home, negotiate on your behalf and provide expert advice on everything related to buying property. Read on for everything you need to know about what buyers agents do and how they can make the process easier for you:

Understand property values.

Research the market. Your agent will help you do this, but if you’re feeling keen or want to do it yourself, plenty of resources are available online.

Search for properties online. This can be done via real estate websites and auction sites, where you can view listings and sold prices from previous sales in the area. It’s a good idea to work with an agent who has access to their own database of property records so they can provide accurate advice on how much a house should sell for in your preferred area.

A buyer’s agent – someone who works on behalf of potential buyers – will often have better knowledge about the local market than an independent seller’s agent (who represents only sellers). They may also be able to give impartial advice about any issues that may affect whether or not a particular house sells at its asking price (e g whether it needs repairs).

Identify your wish list.

Your wish list is essentially a bucket of all the things that you want in your dream home. It’s important to be clear and concise when making it, so it’s best to write down every single desire in this list. You can include everything from features such as “a big backyard” or “open plan kitchen” right through to specifics like “I want three bedrooms” or “I need a home office.” When writing down everything that you want, try not to think about whether something is achievable or possible—just put it on the list!

Once you’ve filled out this sheet, keep it safe somewhere where no one else can see (like with your agent or an online storage service). This ensures that any new additions will be kept secret until they’re ready for viewing day!

Consider the future of the property.

Now that you’ve done your research on the property, it’s time to consider its future. For example, what are the plans for the area? Is there an established community plan or long-term development strategy in place? When can we expect public transport upgrades and new amenities like shops or parks? These questions will help you decide if this is a good investment.

They’ll also help you determine if it’s a suitable home for your family. If there are any plans for future development nearby, how close does this property need to be in order for its value not to drop when construction starts?

gold coast property buyers agent

Look at the areas you’re interested in.

Look at the local schools. If you have kids and want to settle into a community, it’s important to consider the local schools. A good school can make all the difference to your family’s happiness and sense of belonging in their new home.

Check out the shops in your area. Shopping is one of life’s simple pleasures that shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing a place to live. While there are many things you can buy online these days, sometimes it’s nice to have somewhere nearby where you can go and meet up with friends, browse new ideas and finds, or even just pick up some everyday essentials!

Consider transport links while looking at properties as well! Your commute route may vary depending on which suburb you live in but always remember this when looking for properties with easy access via public transport routes such as   stations or bus stops nearby.

Attend open inspections.

Attending open inspections is one way you can do this. An open inspection allows any interested party—not just the highest bidder—to inspect a property before auction day. This gives buyers time to check out the property, see its condition, and get an idea about whether or not it’s worth buying at the auction price.

The other thing you need to know as a buyer’s agent is that whoever holds their bid until the end of auction day will pay less than if they were forced into an early bid because they feared losing out on their dream home. The seller knows this too, so sometimes they ask for higher prices than usual to discourage early bids and encourage people like yourself to save money by waiting until the last minute!


There is no doubt that property buying is a complex and sometimes confusing process. The gold coast property buyers agent suggests the best way to make it simple for yourself is to prepare in advance and use all the resources at your disposal. This will ensure you have as much time as possible to look around before you buy – and that means finding exactly what you want in an area where you feel happy living.

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