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Use Choking First Aid Guide when your Kid is choking

Every parent has this nightmare of seeing their kid choking.

Do you know, approximately 75% of kids who die from choking are under 3 years? Whether or not your kid is under 3, it’s important when such an incident happens, you know what to do. It’s natural if your brain stops working on that very moment but having knowledge of what’s right what’s not, can save your kid from a life-threatening situation or PTS (post-traumatic stress). That’s why we are here with a short choke first aid Australia guide.

Choking First Aid Australia

So let’s begin! 

What do you do?

When this happens to your kid it won’t be possible for you to search for “baby choking” online. Therefore, it’s better to use your brain instead of getting a panic attack. Remember, every second count and your actions can lead you to take your kid to the hospital or worse. So don’t lose your consciousness.

What to do when it’s partial choking?

When the airway is partially blocked, it leads to partial choking. Clearing the airway through coughing is our body’s natural behavior; therefore, it may indicate a partial blocking. A coughing baby can still breathe so don’t try to expel the object from the throat. In fact, stay steady and watch your kid carefully.

How to Handle Choking?

If the coughing isn’t helping your kid to remove the blockage, it’s time to do something.


  • Shout so that your family members or bystanders can pay attention to your situation
  • If your kid is wheezing, making high-pitched noise, or is weak to cough, make someone call emergency number EMS – 0-0-0. If you have people around you, ask someone to see if there’s any AED while you stay and care for the baby.
  • If nobody is around you, call the emergency number and care for complete choking


  • Hold your baby while kneeling or sitting
  • Facedown the baby along your forearm by holding her or his jaw with your hand
  • Rest your arm on your leg so that baby’s body is higher than the head
  • Give 5 firm back blows right between the shoulder blades with the heel of your free hand
  • If the throat is still choked, turn the baby facing you by carefully holding the head
  • Place two fingers right below the nipple line and deliver 5 firm chest compressions by pushing 1/3 of the chest’s depth.
  • Repeat until the object is coughed up

It’s better to keep experienced and trusted Aed Cabinet in your contact list so that they can provide the on-time help.

So keep your baby safe with these tips!

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