What Different Purposes Do Towbars Serve?

Towbars Dandenong

Towbars are a great way to tow your vehicle, whether it’s a boat, caravan or trailer. When you have a Towbars Dandenong fitted to your vehicle, it allows you to hook up the other vehicle and pull it along. This is perfect for people who want to go camping but don’t have access to motorhomes or 4WD vehicles that can carry them.

Do you have a car with a towbar already installed?

Do you have a car with a towbar already installed? If so, what kind of towbar does it have? If not, how do you plan to install one in the future?

The answer to these questions may impact your decision about whether or not to buy a car with an existing towbar. In addition, if you’re looking for information about how to purchase one online or otherwise (as opposed to buying through your local automotive shop), our guide will help you understand the different types available and why some are better than others.

Towbars can be used for far more than towing.

Two of the most common uses for towbars are towing and pulling. Towbars are designed to help you move your car from one place to another without having to attach it directly to a vehicle that is already moving. 

They allow you to hitch up and go without worrying about losing control of either vehicle. However, towbars can be used for far more than just transporting cars and other vehicles around town.

If you want a little extra space on a camping trip but don’t want the hassle of packing up an entire trailer, try using your trailer hitch with an extra set of wheels attached at the front end of your vehicle instead. This allows you get up close and personal with nature while still having access to everything inside your trunk (or cargo box) when needed!


They’re easy to install and remove.

Installing a towbar is easy and removing it takes less than an hour. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, most car dealerships can install it in just minutes. While this process may seem like a hassle at first, think of all the money and time you’ll save by not having to take your car into a garage every time you want to take on an adventure!

Wiring is simple in most cases.

Wiring is simple in most cases.

  • The towbar itself is wired to the car’s battery. This supplies power for lights and any other accessories you connect on the towed vehicle, like a car stereo or a microwave oven.
  • Some towbars are wired to the car’s brakes, which means that if you pull up too close to something behind you, it will automatically engage your parking brake and hold your vehicle in place (like when parallel parking).
  • Some towbars are wired to the car’s horn so that when someone pulls up behind you while driving at night and honks their horn, this causes both vehicles’ horns to go off (and hopefully make people aware of each other’s presence).
  • Some towbars are wired to the car’s wipers so that if someone pulls up right behind your vehicle and blinks their headlights at night, causing them turn on/off rapidly — this triggers your wipers on both vehicles simultaneously as well


So, you can see that Towbars Dandenong have many uses. They’re handy for towing, but they also come in handy for all kinds of other things. If you have a towbar on your car or truck, don’t think of it as just a trailer attachment: think of it as an accessory that can help with everyday tasks and emergencies as well!

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