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What Is The Purpose Of Activated Carbon In Water Purification?

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Activated carbon is a highly porous substance that can be used for water treatment and filtration, especially when it comes to removing organic compounds like pesticides and chlorine from the water. Activated carbon is made from burned coconut shells, lignite coal, or other types of biomass that have been heated under very high pressure in the absence of oxygen.
Nowadays, the majority of houses use Water filters Adelaide to get purified water.

How activated carbon filters work?

Activated carbon filters are made of granules of carbon and are used to remove contaminants from water by adsorption, absorption, or absorption and adsorption. That may sound like a mouthful, but all it really means is that the filter uses different methods to remove contaminants from water.

Adsorption simply means that the filter sticks to the impurities in your water, while absorption involves pulling them into its pores as you pass through it. The last method is a combination of both adsorption and absorption: when you pull water through activated carbon filters both types happen at once!

What makes a carbon filter “activated”?

Activated means that the natural structure of the carbon has been changed to make it more porous and therefore, more effective at absorbing chemicals. The process by which this happens is called activation.

Carbon filters need to be activated in order to work effectively because they’re not as effective at absorbing chemicals as they are after they’ve been treated with an activating agent like steam or heat.

Water filters Adelaide

Activated carbon is highly porous.

Activated carbon is highly porous. It’s made of many tiny pores, which gives it its ability to absorb chemicals and impurities from water. In fact, the pores are so small that they can trap things as small as a single molecule.

In addition to being extremely absorbent, activated carbon is also not a solid nor a liquid: it’s somewhere in between! This makes it an ideal choice for removing chemicals or other particles that are too big or too small for conventional methods like filtration and reverse osmosis systems.

However, it can sometimes require more work than those methods because you have to replace the filter cartridge periodically and monitor how much water flow you have (more on this later).

Activated carbon in Water filters Adelaide can remove many pollutants, not just chlorine.

Activated carbon is a highly porous material that can remove many types of water pollutants. It can also be used to filter out chlorine, taste and odor contaminants, heavy metals like lead and mercury, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), herbicides and pesticides, pharmaceuticals such as nitroglycerin and aspirin—and even radioactive isotopes!

Activated carbon filters are widely used to remove chlorine from drinking water supplies. Chlorine is the main chemical in most municipal water treatment processes because it’s inexpensive to produce, widely available, and very effective at eliminating pathogens like bacteria or viruses from drinking water.

However, it also has some negative qualities: it’s corrosive (which means it damages pipes) and its taste/odor properties can be off-putting for certain users. Activated carbon filters help reduce these unpleasant qualities by absorbing chlorine molecules from your tap water before you drink them!


If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of fluoride in the water supply, then there’s no doubt that it’s something you should consider installing. The good news is that there are many options out there for both home and business use.

One of the most popular types uses coconut shell carbon because it has high adsorption capacity and low ash content. This means that it won’t clog up your pipes or Water filters Adelaide while still being able to remove contaminants like chlorine from your water supply!

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