What Makes Himalayan Salt Lamps So Special ?

himalayan salt lamps

What makes Himalayan salt lamps so special? Well, there are many reasons. But let’s start with the basics: they’re beautiful, they’re natural, and they have many health benefits.

Let’s start with the basics.

A salt lamp is a type of lamp that uses a natural crystal formation to produce negative ions, which can help provide health benefits.

The salt lamps usually come in two forms: pink Himalayan salt lamps or black lamps. The pink ones contain 85% pure

Himalayan crystal salt while black ones have no added color agents and sometimes even have small amounts of iron oxide or magnesium carbonate added to them for better optical effects (more on this later).

Both are much sought after because they are believed to emit positive energy particles into our environment by balancing out negative ions produced by electronics like computers or appliances that we use every day.

Since these lamps don’t require any external power source other than sunlight (which makes them virtually maintenance-free) they’re an environmentally-friendly way to add some ambience into your home decor without costing you anything extra!

Now on the to important part.

Now on to the important part.

  • The quality of the salt. Salt is a naturally occurring product and can contain different minerals depending on where it’s mined.

The Himalayan salt lamps are formed from 100% pure Himalayan pink rock salt crystals which have been heated in controlled conditions and then allowed to cool slowly over thousands of years, which has given them their unique structure and colouration. This means that they are free from impurities and toxins that may be present in other types of table or sea salts.

himalayan salt lamps

  • Size matters! You want your lamp to be big enough to fully cover your room with its light but not so big that it takes up too much space or becomes an eyesore when you stare at it for hours o’erlong every day.

A good rule of thumb is: if you’re using it as a nightlight, get one that’s about 5-6 inches tall; if you’re using it as an accent piece (like we do), go with something around 8-10 inches tall; if you prefer something more dramatic—and/or find yourself staring at said lamp during daylight hours—go with one 3 feet tall or larger!

  • Quality matters! Make sure no matter which brand offers what type of quality because there are many variables at play here but none stands out more than this one does so don’t skimp out on buying cheap stuff just because someone says so… trust us when we say “you get what u pay 4!”

That being said though there isn’t really any reason why someone shouldn’t buy affordable products either since they come at lower prices while still providing similar benefits minus some extras like color changing abilities etcetera…


If you’re looking for a night light, Himalayan salt lamps are perfect. They provide a warm glow that won’t disrupt your sleep.
You can decorate with them! They come in so many fun colors and shapes, it’s easy to find one that matches the style of your room.
Use them to keep plants hydrated when it’s too hot or dry outside for them to take in water through their roots.

Clean up spills on hardwood floors with Himalayan salt lamps instead of using harsh chemicals or cleaning products—the salt will absorb stains from liquid spills while emitting negative ions around the area where they were spilled. This will help neutralize odors as well!

Keep pets healthy by placing a lamp near their bedding or litter box; these areas often have high concentrations of bacteria due to their warmth and moisture levels which are perfect breeding grounds for germs and viruses like kennel cough virus found in dog lungs (coughing).


Himalayan Salt lamp lamps can be used in many ways. From decorating your home to improving its air quality, there are a lot of uses for them.

What makes them so special is how they emit negative ions that help clean the air around you while also providing light therapy which gives off an amber glow when turned on

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