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What to look for in a bike for sale Melbourne?


In case you are looking for a Bike for Sale Melbourne, it’s quite likely that you would have just discovered the wonderful world of fixed-gear bikes and wish to get one for yourself too. There are certain things which you need to really bear in mind before you purchase one for making for a god ride and keep yourself happy with the purchases.

Buying a bike is the dream of every individual. But sometimes the budget becomes a constraint. There is an easy solution for this problem, and that is second-hand bikes. You can go for a second-hand bike which is in good condition. But before you choose to buy a second-hand bike, it is important to consider a few important points. These points will help you in making sure that you buy a good one.

It is a very good idea to thoroughly examine the used bikes before buying them. You should have all the important tools when you set out to examine the bikes. You may take a magnifying glass or a flashlight for examining the base of the bike for any leakages, cracks or damages. You may ask some friend of yours who has the experience of riding a bike or a good mechanic to help you choose the bike. Carefully evaluate all the alterations done on the frame of the bike and the whole bike too. The alterations could somehow suggest that the bike has been raced or not.

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Things to check before buying a bike

  • Examine the tires properly and check for any wear and tear or cracks to know the age of the racing bike. It will be a good idea to note that the old tyres might look good with a number of treads left on them. However, the rubber in old tyres often tends to break after a few years.
  • Examine the wheels for damages. Rotate wheels on the centre stand to ensure that they are spinning properly. Check with the owner of Racing Bike Melbourne about any issues like a rim leakage or something.
  • Examine the chains and sprockets for any excessive wear and tear. Check with the owner for any service record mostly when the bike operated a shaft or a belt drive. Access the bike for any prominent damages to the cover of the engine, grips, fenders, suspension, mirror, lever, wiring, fork seal, exhaust, fuel tank, brakes, cables, etc.
  • Evaluate the frame for visible repairs and cracks especially in the critical joints including steering stock. Roll the bike backwards and forwards for scrutinising the brakes for functions and possible leaks. The electric components of the bike, for example, emergency flashers, brake lights, turn signal including the wiring harness, battery and fuse box have to be accessed.


Check all the above-mentioned things while buying the Road Bikes Melbourne. If you will check all these things, it would help you in making sure that you get a good bike which would last for a long time.

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