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Why Do Property Developers Need Town Planner?

Why Do Property Developers Need Town Planner?

Town planners are a type of architect who have the expertise to help property developers make sure their projects get built correctly. Town planner gold coast are also able to advise on planning permission, environmental issues and other factors that can affect a project before it’s even begun.

Town Planner Role

Town planners are experts in planning and development. They have a wide range of knowledge and experience, which means they can help with all aspects of planning, development and the environment.

They work with government agencies and local councils to develop policies that influence how land is used, managed and protected. Town planners also work directly with developers on individual projects to ensure development meets state requirements.

To Help Avoid Making Mistakes

Mistakes cost money and time, which are both precious resources in a competitive market. The cost of mistakes is often higher than expected, especially if they’re made during the early stages of development. 

For example, let’s say you’ve just bought a piece of land with plans to build homes on it. You hire an architect to design your new developments and then get started on construction—but there’s one problem: he’s been making some major errors along the way!

Your architect may have forgotten to include certain items that must be included in any building plan (like gutters) or mislabeled certain rooms (putting one bedroom where two were supposed to go). 

Why Do Property Developers Need Town Planner?

To Help with Planning Permission

Planning permission is required for most types of development. If you plan to change the use of a building (change from office space into a shop) then again, you will require planning permission.

In addition to this, if your property has been converted into flats or bedsits and there are more than two flats/bedsits in total; then these will also require planning permission before they can be lived in.

To Help with Environmental Issues

In an ideal world, every property development would be a green one. However, for most developers this is not the case and it’s very easy to make mistakes during the planning process that can lead to environmental issues.

Environmental issues are often caused by not understanding certain laws or regulations, but they can also be due to poor design or simply bad luck (such as being on top of an area where a rare species lives).

If you’re a developer and want your project to avoid any environmental problems, then it’s important that you hire an experienced town planner who knows how best to approach this issue.


If you are a property developer, then you know that Town planner gold coast play an important role in your business. There is no doubt that they can be a great help to you when it comes to getting the right advice and support on any planning issues that may arise.

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