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In whole lifetime, we all might need to access the roof for some purpose. Working on roof is extremely danger if you don’t know proper technique to access the roof. Even the professionals might meet with accident to the roof. Working a heighted roof can lead to serious injuries and life-threatening accidents. It doesn’t matter whether it is commercial place or domestic place, it is your responsibility to take care of your employee. Many places have sliding hatches and doors to access the roof but it should only be access with the expert advice to prevent unexpected incidents. Consult the reputed sliding access hatches Adelaide professionals for any roof access project.

sliding access hatches Adelaide

Keep on reading the blog to know more about the expert tips for the safer roof access!

  • Proper use of PPE

The use of proper PPE is the first step in protecting employees who work on roofs. Soldiers are never sent into battle without the necessary armour. Why should your employees risk their lives by climbing on roofs without proper protection? Always make sure your employees are dressed appropriately for the job, such as harness and lanyard etc.

  • Using the correct equipment

For the job, use the appropriate fall protection system. Consider whether the task is one-time or requires permanent equipment for ongoing upkeep. Here are a few possibilities:

Roof hatch: A roof access hatch allows employees to safely access a roof. When purchasing a roof access hatch, consider your construction of the roof because cheaper isn’t always the best option!

Ladder systems: Many construction businesses use ladders to get access to the roof. However, just because ladders appear to be simple to use does not mean they are.

  • Support buddy system

going on the roof alone is never a good idea so, it’s better to go with someone so, that you can get help in case of any accidents. Experts also recommend taking someone while going for roof work.

  • Proper communication

It may not be practical for two workers to go on a roof at the same time, especially when working on minor projects. In this instance, at the very least, ensure that the person on the roof is able to communicate with someone on the ground level. In this case, a radio or phone will suffice. Encourage your employees to check in every 15 minutes or so to ensure their safety.

  • Explain access rules properly

Getting to the roof should never be done at random. Make sure all the safety precautions and care is taken while carrying the roof task. Workers should be required to comply with the following guidelines when accessing the roof.

Winding-up: Roof work can be risky and can lead to accidents even if you use proper measures and protection so, make sure to get it done by professionals who are experienced to handle such risky things. Hope you found the above information useful for your safe roof access Adelaide project. Keep the above points in mind in case of accessing the roof.

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