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Granules Are Falling Off My Roof! Is A New Roof Necessary?

Roofing Moonee Ponds

Mineral granules were added to the design of shingles to help protect your roof from excessive sun exposure and add greater fire resistance. Still, the severe granular loss can disclose a lot about your roof system’s health.

It’s completely natural for gritty textures to appear. If granule loss has proceeded to the point that bare patches on your asphalt shingles can be seen, it’s time to contact a reputable Roof Replacement Flemington who can repair your roof. Working with professional Roofing Moonee Ponds experts can deliver satisfaction by examining your roof and performing the needed repairs, with backgrounds spanning from sales to installation, quality control, and follow-up inspections.

Shingle Granule Loss: What Causes It?

Your roof is constantly exposed to the environment, and some granule loss is unavoidable. Some, though, can be avoided or at the very least minimized. Furthermore, understanding what causes damage will enable you to inspect your roof at the appropriate periods for potential damage.


While it’s fine to wash your roof if necessary, especially if algae is present, power washing granule-coated asphalt shingles is a no-no. Furthermore, if your roof is so dark that it needs to be power cleaned, you may already have granule-loss damage that needs to be addressed rather than simply wiping away the evidence.


Trees near your house provide good southern shade, but they must be maintained on a regular basis to protect your shingles. Brushing your limbs against the roof might scrape off granules, reducing the coating’s effectiveness. Debris from surrounding trees or other sources that land on your roof might also be a problem.

Roofing Flemington

Roofing Flemington


Keeping your gutters clear is always important for Roofing Kensington maintenance, but it’s especially important for asphalt shingle roofing. Debris from the gutters that washes up onto the roof might sand away granules and wash them down into the gutter.


Working with Roofing Flemington service providers may need to walk or climb on your roof at times, such as when cleaning hard-to-reach gutters, it is crucial to keep traffic on your asphalt shingle roof to a minimum. Also, keep an eye out for any signs of granule loss while you or your contractor are on the roof. It is preferable to restore a limited number of shingles with granule loss rather than allowing the loss to cause more extensive harm.


Storm damage is, without a doubt, the most common cause of roof damage. Even a small bit of hail can cause havoc on your shingles, this is particularly true if your roof is less than ten years old and the storm can harm even new asphalt, and you don’t want to waste the money, approach trusted Roofing Ascot Vale, a service expert. Summing up

If you see balding places on a new roof or a lot of granule loss, especially in certain parts of the roof, consulting Roofing Flemington professionals is vital. When TRUST counts, you can count on Roofing Moonee Ponds experts who offer solutions to match budget are your one-stop destination for everything from new construction to repairs, re-roofs, maintenance, and insulation.

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