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How executive recruiters find you!


Most companies find the recruitment process challenging, especially at the executive level, and they seek methods such as executive recruitment software to smooth the process and find the right fit for the job role.

While companies have trouble finding a good candidate, on the flip end, reaching the right door is fraught with hurdles for job-seekers.

So, if you are a job seeker, and are looking for ways to attract attention from a recruitment firm, then this article is only for you.

In just 5 easy steps, you can get into recruiters’ radar.

1st – Make professional visibility strongest

Maintaining professional visibility will not only help you connect with the recruiters, but it will also work as your identity. So, whenever you contact them, they will identify your profile and get back to you. Thus, register with your professional groups on various platforms and try to stay active.

LinkedIn is a powerful professional platform that we all know. Make sure to create a good repo on LinkedIn by building a professional circle, sharing regular posts, updating profile, writing compelling summary, uploading your most recent profile photo, and mentioning skill-sets.

Apart from it, you could gain strong professional visibility by contributing to professional websites or publications. Participate in field related activities, achieve certifications, or publish articles to get them notice to your profile.

2nd – Connect with the right recruiters

Executive recruiters focus on specific industries, many covers all sectors, whereas others focus on a single industry or for a specific job role. There is no need to get into conversation with firms that don’t recruit in your field or industry.

Hence, whenever you start the research, don’t forget to mention your field or industry with the term “executive recruiters” or “recruitment firms”.

For example, search on “executive recruiters website developer”, “executive recruitment company information technology” or “executive recruiters graphic designers.”

Also, you can search with locality like “executive recruiters architect Cambridge” to connect with the right recruiter.

3rd – Build a good professional relationship

It’s good to invest in a professional relationship. Rather than creating a strong job profile when it’s time to find a new job, you should continue building up good terms with figureheads within your field. This effort will represent you as a genuine, dedicated, and responsible candidate, rather than someone who wakes up when they feel the need for a job.

4th – Create a compelling social media profile

The latest figures indicate that the global amount of social media users in 2021 is 3.78 billion. The poll of social media users is quickly increasing every year, which show that people tend to spend more & more time on social media rather than any other activity.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn can help recruiters find the right candidate and vice versa. Hence, creating a strong social media profile and posting there regularly will help you get noticed among recruiters or professional associations.

Also, post articles, show interest by commenting or linking relevant posts, and industry PR will help you get tracked by recruitment firms.

5th – Don’t rush with the process

Once you connect with the recruiting firm, don’t expect an immediate conclusion. Let the process complete and wait for your name on the list. This is because, there might be a number of reasons such as, they might not be looking for a candidate or they may have scheduled other job profiles for the designation. Try to build a good relationship with them, so when in the future they will vacate the position, the first name that comes into their mind will be yours.  

Over to you,

Executive recruiters are a bridge that connects the company and candidates. They work as a mediator to help companies fill the vacant positions, and help job seekers to get the right opportunity to expand their career.

The aforementioned 5 steps will work if you struggle to get the attention of recruitment companies.

Give it a try today!

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