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Questions to Ask Before Installing a 10kw Solar System

10kw Solar System Brisbane

If you’re considering installing a 10kw Solar System Brisbane for your home or business, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. 

Whether you’re just starting out or are looking for ways to optimise your existing system, these questions will help you better understand which type of solar panels are right for your needs.

What Are Your Energy Consumption Goals?

When it comes to creating a plan for your 10kw solar system, it’s important to set the stage by defining your energy consumption goals.

What are you trying to accomplish? What will be the outcome of this project?

The answers to these questions can help guide your decision-making process and point you in the right direction when making key decisions like how many panels should be installed on each roof or whether or not an inverter is required.

Remember: The more specific and ambitious your goals are, the better! Be confident in what you want (i.e., “I want my electric bill reduced by at least 25%!!”) but also realistic about what’s possible within a given timeframe (i.e., “How long would it take for me to save $500?”).

How Much Sun Does Your House Get?

Your solar system will be more efficient and cost-effective if you’re able to generate the most energy possible. The amount of sunlight that hits your roof is important because it determines how much electricity you can produce. 

When using a solar calculator, plug in your address and the calculator will tell you how much sun your house receives per day and throughout the year. 

If you get less than 5 hours per day, then it might not make sense for you to install a larger solar system since it would take more time for it to pay off. 

10kw Solar System Brisbane

How’s the Weather in Your Area?

While it may seem like a no-brainer, we’re going to ask you about the weather. You see, your average solar system is sized to produce an amount of electricity that will power your home on a sunny day in summer.

 If you live in a place with lots of sun and very little cloud cover, you may be able to get away with a smaller system than if you live at high altitude or in a cold climate. 

A big part of this calculation involves how much sunlight there is during different seasons—during winter months when it gets dark early, many solar systems won’t produce enough energy for all household needs during those months.

However! That doesn’t mean that solar energy isn’t still worth considering even if your area has long winters; just be sure to talk with us about how long those winters are so we can design an appropriate setup for your home (and make sure it works!).

Will These Solar Panels Need to Move?

If you are in a rural area with lots of space, then it is possible that you can install the solar panels on your roof. This will allow them to get as much sunlight as possible and make sure that they don’t overheat. 

If there are trees around your house or other objects blocking the sun from reaching your panels, then they won’t produce as much energy as they could otherwise.

If you live in an urban area with little to no space for additional structures on top of the building, then it might be best for you to put the solar panels somewhere else such as land nearby or even on another building nearby if there are no restrictions against doing so.

Is There Enough Room On Your Roof or Land for a 10kW System?

You’ll need enough room for your solar panel array on your roof. If you’re building a new home, ask the builder about what size roof they’re putting on, and plan accordingly.

If you’re retrofitting an existing structure with solar panels, then there may be other factors to consider such as the height of your current structure and any trees that might get in the way of sunlight getting to your system. 


If you’re looking for a way to reduce your energy costs, solar panels are a great option. They’re also an investment in the future. A 10kw Solar System Brisbane can save you thousands of dollars over its lifetime, while also helping protect the environment by reducing emissions from coal-fired power plants.

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